Listen to a new Tenement track

welcome to 2013
Tenement, repeatedly mentioned to me as one of the best bands currently playing, is coming to Kansas City on Monday, April 1, as part of a tour with Give and Night Birds. It should go without saying that I’m absurdly excited about this show, because it’s both early and cheap. Night Birds are an amazing live show, and their 20-30 minute set is worth the 40-minute trip both ways. Tenement’s also supposed to be one of those bands whose live show will make you an instant convert and fan.

That being said, Tenement is one of those bands with a lengthy discography, and you’d have to be an obsessive to even consider attempting to obtain everything they’ve ever released. They’re on a brand new vinyl compilation entitled Welcome to 2013 from Not Normal (even though the cover says 2012), and their song, “Rain In Mind,” is an excellent bit of punk-edged power pop. You can snag a copy from the Not Normal store. The price is pretty good for screened covers and a huge booklet.

Listen to Tenement’s “Rain In Mind” from the Welcome to 2013 compilation below, and the entire compilation below that.