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cover-ettes-teethThe debut release on Limited Fanfare Records is this haunting single from the Ettes Alcohol Antibiotic Cipro, . The last record I heard from this trio was 2008's Look At Life Again Soon, which was fuzzy, echo-y, 50mg Alcohol Antibiotic Cipro, garage-y rock 'n' roll. It was fun, and I couldn’t get over how much this band made me want to shake my ass and dance all around the living room –- damn the fact the curtains are open.

The a-side to their new single, "Teeth, 500mg Alcohol Antibiotic Cipro," is nothing like that. It's a slow country blues stomper, set for hot summer nights. It's the soundtrack for one of those movie scenes where some woman drinks too much and does this lazy bump and grind in full view of an entire bar or party, Alcohol Antibiotic Cipro. Alcohol Antibiotic Cipro india, Sultry, kind of dirty, but not quite going full-on nasty.

The flipside's a slightly dark, yet ultimately upbeat and bouncy little number called "Safely Down the Road." If "Teeth" was the late-night harbinger of things yet to come, 1000mg Alcohol Antibiotic Cipro, this is the happy ending riding off into the sunset. Great stuff, cleanly produced, Alcohol Antibiotic Cipro coupon, but just a hint of lo-fi to keep things interesting. The cover art's as wonderful as anything you'll see this year, and will make for a fantastic t-shirt. Limited to 700 copies -- 175 on translucent gold (which is already sold out), as well as 175 on translucent red and 350 on black.


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