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bkepMy copy of the Ergs! Ben Kweller EP Cialis 20, repress showed up in the mail yesterday. I pre-ordered the sucker from Freedom School Records, and it ran me something like $15.

Now, like it says on the Ergs. website, 30mg Cialis 20, "the vinyl record itself, whether it has 3 songs on it or 20, costs the same amount of money to make." I don't care about the actual cost. I do care about the fact that, 10mg Cialis 20, in the age of Internet, vinyl should always - and I mean fucking always - come with a download card / coupon / slip / whatever. The guy who runs Seven Ten Twelve has a company called Transmit Vinyl, and they have "an introductory rate of $25 for 500 unique codes for 192K Mp3s." That's a goddamn nickel per record, Cialis 20.

Now, I've got to get back to searching Shareminer for a decent download of a record for which I paid fifteen fucking dollars, and still can't listen to on my iPod. Although - to be fair, Cialis 20 japan, I'm really frustrated because this is a seven-year-old record, and it's flippin' great. Plus, Thrash Compactor and their split with the Measure [sa] come out this year, Cialis 20 canada, and I'd really like to not have to run everything I buy on vinyl through my computer and Audacity.

Also, can "Pool Pass" be the summer jam for 2009 if it was released in 2002. Cialis 20, Catchy as hell, about trying to get into the pool to meet a girl... is there anything more summer jam than that. The tune's a little rougher than what I'm familiar with from Upstairs/Downstairs and Dorkrockcorkrod, but it's not like the Ergs, Cialis 20 overseas. have ever been polished. Case in point:

"Xerox Your Genitals, Not the Ramones" .

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