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cover-so_outta_reachKurt Vile will release the So Outta Reach EP on Matador Records U 11146 Cialis, on November 8. The EP is a follow-up to his critically acclaimed Smoke Ring For My Halo LP, which saw release on the label earlier this year. The EP consists of five songs from the sessions for the album, 750mg U 11146 Cialis, which were reworked over the summer, as well as an additional cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Downbound Train."

You can purchase the EP either as a 12" vinyl release or digital download, 20mg U 11146 Cialis, . If you want it on CD, you'll have to get the deluxe reissue of Smoke Ring, due out the same day, 500mg U 11146 Cialis. They're offering some bundle deals, and you can get details at the MataBlog. 250mg U 11146 Cialis, If you don't have Smoke Ring For My halo, I highly suggest taking advantage of the EP/LP bundle for $20 deal. The mellow, introspective beauty of Vile's work makes it one of the best records of the year, 10mg U 11146 Cialis, and you'll thank me the instant your needle hits record.

MP3: Kurt Vile, "The Creature".

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