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cover-kite-party Brand Generic Synthroid, Sometimes I get a huge influx of review material, and something gets shuffled away, only to finally get pulled out on a Sunday morning and thrown on the turntable to refresh my memory. Kite Party's Baseball Season LP is one such record.

I'll admit -- I probably first listened to it in a rush of trying to just get through everything (one of those not a problem problems). Additionally, it probably got set aside more than once because it was vinyl, and I couldn't remember where I put the download slip, Brand Generic Synthroid paypal, and it didn't get put on the iPod to listen to at work.

To cut this rambling short -- that was a mistake. Kite Party's release on Animal Style is a perfect Sunday morning record, Brand Generic Synthroid. There are these great chiming guitars that combine with drums that come really close to that Burundi beat so beloved of early '80s English New Romantic acts like Adam Ant of Bow Wow Wow.

Adding in vocals that are emotionally open, 100mg Brand Generic Synthroid, almost raw, and Baseball Season is just a beautiful, involving record. "Runners" will grab you, but every song offers up some new thing -- the drumming on "Spirit Gum," the singing on "Arizona" -- to keep your attention riveted to what you're hearing, Brand Generic Synthroid coupon. It's simply beautiful. Brand Generic Synthroid, Granted, it veers dangerously close to being a Walkmen take-off at times (you'll certainly note the similarities within moments), but it's warmer and more inviting than that group. Baseball Season is the sort of music that you could wrap around yourself like a blanket.

Don't sleep on this. I may have ignored it for too long, 200mg Brand Generic Synthroid, but that doesn't mean you should. Take a listen via Bandcamp below, and then pop over to the Animal Style store to buy a copy. It's a pressing of 500, with 100 on black, 200 on cream, Brand Generic Synthroid japan, and 200 on clear. The cream looks a little more like butter, but it's still nice.


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