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Cipro Urine Retention, Ah, the weather around here has been fucking stupendous as of late. Something like low-to-mid 80s during the day, and down in the high 50s / low 60s at night. Seriously, I drove to work this morning, and it was downright chilly, Cipro Urine Retention australia.

And thanks to the wonderful weather, I've been drinking a hell of a lot more coffee. When it's hot, I don't even want iced coffee, 30mg Cipro Urine Retention, much less hot- it's water or juice, and maybe a Red Bull or other tiny canned energy drink to clear the fuzzies out of my head at 4am.

Thanks to the pleasant evening tonight, however, the wife and I took a stroll downtown and hit up the good coffee shop on the way back home for some iced goodness, Cipro Urine Retention. There was a new girl tending counter, so the drink was pretty low on the sugar and coffee, and high on bitterness and the wrong sort of milk. Still.., 250mg Cipro Urine Retention. it's better than the Starbucks across the street.

But since I'm all about the java bean today, I figured I'd post some songs related to my favorite method of caffeine delivery. Descendents Cipro Urine Retention, are noted for their love of coffee. The first tour I saw them play was the Caffeine Nation tour back in '97, 10mg Cipro Urine Retention, for pete's sake. The shirts for that tour featured the caffeine molecule... so cool, yet so geeky, much like the band.

The Lagwagon cut is kind of a bonus because I'm too lazy to upload Descendents' "Kids" or the Bosstones' "Cowboy Coffee", Cipro Urine Retention craiglist, both of which being fantastic songs that you'll do well to search out and listen to. Maybe I'll do a coffee and beer podcast later on.

Lagwagon - "Mr. Coffee"
Descendents - "Coffee Mug"

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