Kicks Books going full-tilt

book-cover-last-dance-for-satanThe new book imprint from Norton Records, Kicks Books, has been going full-tilt ever since it launched a few months back. In addition to books from famed jazz experimentalist Sun Ra and dirty boogieman Andre Williams, they’ve got releases in the works from famed pulpsters like Harlan Ellison.

To that list you can now add Nick Tosches, whose new book is entitled Save the Last Dance For Satan. From the press release:

“Nick’s gritty pen delivers the goods one more time again, storytelling the grime and the glory of rock-‘n’-roll biz honchos – guaranteed to stun. This book will not only cause a bulge in your hip pocket– it will also learn you sumpin’!”

And, much like the other releases from Kicks, the book’s release is accompanied by the release of an attendant scent – in this case, a perfume named, simply, Tosches. You can find more information about everything the press has released, as well as purchase books and perfumes, at the Norton Records page.