Just when you get to know someone

There’s nothing worse than becoming a fan of a band and then having them break up. Such is the case with me and Be Your Own Pet. Their most recent album, Get Awkward and attendant EP Get Damaged pretty much cemented their status as one of my favorite bands of the moment. They were jerky, snotty, punky bursts of fun and excitement. Seeing them twice at SXSW made me frickin’ adore the band.

So, of course, that means that it’s time for them to break up. Sucks. Granted, it means that I will have to deal less with allegations that some of my musical tastes skew a little to closely at times to that of your average 14-year-old female Warped Tour attendee (see also: Paramore, Damone, My Chemical Romance, et al).

Still – “The Kelly Affair” and “Bicycle Bicycle” ruled the school live.

Be Your Own Pet – “Becky” (from Get Damaged)
Be Your Own Pet – “Damn Damn Leash” (from Damn Damn Leash)
Be Your Own Pet – “Bicycle Bicycle” (from Be Your Own Pet)