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Joe Keithley – “Band of Rebels”
(Sudden Death)
Prozac For Cats, Mr. “Shithead”, as he might be better known as the lead singer of D.O.A., has actually made himself a fine-ass roots-rock kinda rockabilly album here. Sorta like what Joe Strummer did, but with a better name (the Latino Rockabilly War, 50mg Prozac For Cats. What the fuck were you thinking, Joe?). Basically, at times it veers towards a rockabilly / ska sound, 20mg Prozac For Cats, quite a lot like early Living End. Other times, Band of Rebels starts to cop a pub rock style, much like the 101'ers (once again, back to Joe Strummer), only a little bluesier, Prozac For Cats. When you blend it all together, it starts to sound a lot like Duane Peters fronting Operation Ivy.

It’s very much Billy Bragg and Woodie Guthrie inspired in the lyrical vein, but done with the perspective of a man who knows from whom he’s copping his influences. “Goodnight Irene” isn’t the best Leadbelly cover ever done, Prozac For Cats australia, but I’ve heard far worse, even if it's a little Blueshammer. It's not as bad as the cover of “Born to Be Wild”, however, Prozac For Cats usa, which - like any cover of that song - is to be avoided. Prozac For Cats, "Fuck the Corporation" is about the worst song on the album, as it aspires to some level of Blowfly-style funk rock.

Still, Joe Keithley has put out something that's pretty damn good. It's pretty laid back compared to D.O.A.'s output, but still rocks. It's a roots rock affair, 500mg Prozac For Cats, and the addition of instruments like saxophone and organ give it a vibe that wouldn't be out of place in a roadhouse somewhere on the way to Calgary.

"Bust Me Loose".

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