Treat Thrush With Diflucan

zine-cover-jerk-store-8The last issue of Jerk Store Treat Thrush With Diflucan, came with a caveat that it was kind of a rush job in order to have something at the Fest 9 down in Gainesville this past October. Well, this new issue is fucking fantastic. It's brilliant. Treat Thrush With Diflucan overseas, There is something to be said for the work Alex put into this ish.

Bloody great stuff, like the rants...oh, the rants. They're my favorite part of the whole 'zine, Treat Thrush With Diflucan. Anyone can do interviews and reviews, 250mg Treat Thrush With Diflucan. Really, though, to be fair: the interview with the Gateway District managed to school me on all sorts of stuff I never knew about the band, 200mg Treat Thrush With Diflucan, and added a whole new dimension to how I perceived them. But, anyhow, the rants Alex throws down about collectible vinyl, and pre-orders, Treat Thrush With Diflucan us, and people who videotape shows are all funny and insightful. I'm so very happy he found the time to get more in this issue.

Go hit up the store, 1000mg Treat Thrush With Diflucan, buy a copy, and make sure that you support something that manages to cover bands worth covering and provide something more than the usual. And if that wasn't enough, the first article in Jerk Store #8 is what looks to be a smashing recipe for jerk chicken.

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