It’s not “The Globe”

It’s quite amazing. I was reading the new issue of Mojo I’d gotten from my boss, and lo and behold there’s this little article about a band called Carbon/Silicon, which is the new group with former Clash guitarist Mick Jones. The band also features Generation X guitarist Tony James, who also played with Jones in one of the earliest English punk bands, the London SS.

It’s way more sensible to approach Carbon/Silicon if you’re familiar with Jones’ work in Big Audio Dynamite. Otherwise, you’re going to wonder why the hell an old punk rocker is playing what is essentially some very oddball dance music. It also makes sense to note that Tony James was also in Sigue Sigue Sputnik. You add in the dance-rock stuff, the elder punk statesmen status, and you have somewhat of an idea of how Carbon/Silicon is going to work out.

I’m enjoying it. The band makes some rocking dancefloor music that seems well-suited to drinking a few too many pints and possibly making an ass of yourself in front of the stage. The band has stated they’re just going to release all their stuff via their website, and to hell with looking for a label. If the free-form music continues in this vein, I can see that as being artistically benificial for the band and fans alike.

Carbon/Silicon – “Niteclub Etiquette” (zipped)
Carbon/Silicon – “Live on BBC Radio3“. Features “Gangs of England”, “Soylent Green”, and “Tell It Like It Is”.

Video of their BBC performances available at GigVideo.