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garagezombieblogOver at Fuck the Mummies Retin A Skin Creme, , there's a great compilation assembled by the guy who runs the site. He compiled a list of the ultimate garage punk songs, put 'em together as a comp, and it's available for download via RS, Retin A Skin Creme coupon. The link's in this post.

The list and comp are part of RateYourMusic's Ultimate Box Set, Retin A Skin Creme craiglist, which is "a 500 cd fanmade true history of music, covering every genre from every era, with contributions of each disk by users with the necessary expertise and understanding for each respective genres. 500 discs is just a target for the amount of discs on the "completed" project and may total more or less." It's pretty swank, 200mg Retin A Skin Creme, and if you're in the need for a compilation starting point, the lists provided are exhaustive. Retin A Skin Creme india, Most (if not all) are pretty subjective, but thorough.

The fact that he included songs from both the Spread Eagles and Fag Cop (bands local to here in Lawrence) speaks pretty highly of the bands included. The reliance on Goner-related bands and leans a little towards the past five or six years is a little frustrating (no Gas Huffer?), Retin A Skin Creme uk, but it's still a strong comp, and far better than the usual indulgent tripe you find online.

Fag Cop - "I'm Fucking Dead" (from I'm Fucking Dead)
Gas Huffer - "You Are Not Your Job" (from The Inhuman Ordeal Of Special Agent Gas Huffer)

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