Interview: Mitch Clem

We’ve talked many times about Mr. Mitch Clem and his Nothing Nice to Say comic here at Rock Star Journalist. I interviewed him way back in September ’06, and there was even an aborted interview at a Kansas City comic book convention earlier the previous year (the image to your right is the proof of said aborted interview). Anyhow, being as how he’s got this neat little collection of NN2S strips that has been recently published by Dark Horse, as well the fabulous artwork for Suburban Home Records‘ “Under the Influence” series of 7″s, to say nothing of his record label Facepalm Records and his band the Tigermilks, I figured it was high time to speak with the man again.

Since the interview aired last night on KJHK‘s As Heard From the Hill, I can now share it with you all, in all of its awesomeness. This is the ten minute version. The full interview is nearly 45 minutes long and makes absolutely no sense. It will air in its entirety on Sunglasses After Dark this Friday, October 10 at 8pm Central Standard Time on KJHK 90.7FM.

Download the interview, as it aired on KJHK’s As Heard From the Hill on 10/10/08.

from the Tigermilks’ We Don’t Stand a Chance:
Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying