In the works

So, hey… I’m shooting photos at the Kansas City Warped Tour stop tomorrow. I’m meeting up with my friends Zach and Sarah, who will be shooting photos for the Pitch, so not only will I be productive, I’ll be having fun with friends I don’t get to see all that often.

I did have some trouble getting into Warped tomorrow, however. I was good on the photo pass, but because of some weird rule, the company doing promotion can’t give out tickets to radio. TV, print, web, sure – everything but radio. I guess they get in trouble or something… so I had to go through a label. The label, of course, told me to get in contact with the promotion company.

Now I bounced around the e-mail accounts of various Epitaph staffers, trying to get on the list before Warped closes their lists at 6pm Pacific. Thankfully, roughly two hours before it was too late, and I was going to just throw in the towel, Epitaph came through with a pass. Really, as much trouble as this had been, I was not too terribly into the idea of dropping ten bucks on gas, ten bucks on parking, and thirty-five for a ticket. That’s $55 before I’d even thought about food, water, or merch, to say nothing of the heat in that parking lot.

So, I’m in, I’ve got the ability to shoot pics, and my paycheck showed up today, so I’ll have money to blow on records. And, if it starts hitting with thunderstorms like it says it might, fuck it – it’s not like I paid for anything. Look for pics this weekend, hopefully along with some interviews with the likes of the HorrorPops, Street Dogs, Reel Big Fish, and Aggrolites.