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Hunx & His Punx shared two tracks this weekend from their upcoming Hardly Art Diverticulitis Flagyl, release, Hairdresser Blues. The group's second LP is due out tomorrow, February 28, Diverticulitis Flagyl us. That's the video for "Private Room" above, Diverticulitis Flagyl usa, and "Always Forever" is embedded via Soundcloud below. Personally, I already enjoy both of these tracks more than Too Young To Be In Love, 500mg Diverticulitis Flagyl, which was essentially a transition album. 100mg Diverticulitis Flagyl, All those early singles had been recorded with a rotating cast of characters, and by the time they got to a full-length, it sounded like a Shannon & the Clams record with Seth singing over top of it, 40mg Diverticulitis Flagyl. This sounds more like a melding of the two sounds.

Hunx - Always Forever by WeGetPress

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