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Lucky me and the whole Nuthouse crew went and saw Reel Big Fish at the Beaumont 40 Mg Prozac Better, in Kansas City last night. Despite me missing a turn and having to circle all the way around the Country Club Plaza, we made it to the show with time to spare.

We walked in just as Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer was starting their first song. We were also immediately deafened, as the cute little blonde that sings and plays keyboard had her vocal mic way too high, and it was like a sonic death assault. As for their music... well, I have a Discount's Half Fiction and the Anniversary's Designing a Nervous Breakdown that I can listen to, rather than Zolof's hybrid thereof, 40 Mg Prozac Better.

Punchline was imminently forgettable pop-punk that was more New Found Glory than anything else.

After those two bands came what can best be described as a stand-out... albeit not in a good way, 40 Mg Prozac Better japan. The name of the act was El Pus. 40 Mg Prozac Better, I had no idea what to expect of them when they took the stage, so I state the following with no pre-conceived notions at all.

The blues was a black / African-American art form. It was unique, for the longest time, to black people, as it grew out of folk music such as spirituals and hymns. From the blues came rock 'n' roll. Artists like Chuck Berry and Ike Turner wrote some of the first (and still best) rock songs ever. Fuck.., 40 Mg Prozac Better. I mean, 250mg 40 Mg Prozac Better, "Rocket 88", generally acknowledged to be the FIRST rock song EVER was written by Ike. The greatest guitarist to ever live- Jimi Hendrix- was black. After rock, the next musical revolution that was uniquely black was hip-hop and rap, the voice of the inner city.

Beginning in the mid-'90s, rap-rock was developed, and primarily played by white artists like Korn and Limp Bizkit, thus further co-opting black styles. 40 Mg Prozac Better, I always wondered what would happen if an all-black ensemble took those two orignally black musical stylings (rock and rap) back and combined them. Would it naturally be superior to the white offerings, 40 Mg Prozac Better craiglist. As the music was being played by people who more deeply understood the roots and culture that were necessary to bring said musical styles about, would it be better.

No. Nope. Just as shitty as any other rap-rock effort, 40 Mg Prozac Better.

Catch 22 saved the string of annoying bands, and provided a ska appetizer for the main course of Reel Big Fish (you like that food metaphor?). They focused mainly on material off Keaseby Nights and Dinosaur Sounds, and got the audience pumped up and ready to go. They were sorta sloppy, 40 Mg Prozac Better canada, but did their job well.

Finally, after standing around in the Beaumont for nearly three hours, the Reel Big Fish went on. 40 Mg Prozac Better, They hit every album, opening with "The Set Up (You Need This)", and playing such favorites as "Where Have You Been?", "Suckers", "Beer", "She Has A Girlfriend Now" (sans "Dance Wid' Me" break), a "Suburban Rhythm" with only one extra version, "I Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend", "Scott's A Dork", "Take On Me", and new stuff like "Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution", "Your Guts (I Hate 'Em)", "Drinkin'", and "Don't Start A Band", for which they will be soon shooting a video.

Aaron and Scott kept up a steady stream of banter between songs, keeping the audience amused. For the most part, though, the Fish was all about bringing serious rock and ska to the nearly sold-out club. They ended their set, as per usual, 40 Mg Prozac Better australia, with "Sellout" and the crowd made for the door as fast as possible. It was hot and smoky by show's end, and the unseasonably cool Midwest weather was a nice treat on the drive home.

Reel Big Fish music videos
Reel Big Fish - "Take On Me"

Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer - "This Was All A Bad Idea"
Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer - "I Owe You"

Catch 22 - "Keaseby Nights" (live)
Catch 22 - "Wine-Stained Lips"
Catch 22 - "Wine-Stained Lips" video

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