Help fund the new movie from Scarum Harum

poster-the-galactic-jungleWhile we’re usually loathe to plug Kickstarter projects, we do have to get behind them when it means that something cool will come out of it. In this case, it’s a new movie from the folks at Scarum Harum. They made the ever-excellent It Starts With Murder! (coincidentally, just now out on DVD, and not-so-coincidentally featuring me as an extra), and are the brain trust behind the Spook Lights, Lawrence’s B-movie influenced garage rockabilly surf combo.

The film is entitled The Galactic Jungle, and producer / director / writer Scary Manilow describes the concept thusly:

“a low-budget, high-camp melodrama detailing life amongst the bedrooms and boardrooms of our solar system’s power elite. Think DALLAS or DYNASTY in outer space, with more robots and male nudity.”

They need money for special effects (costumes, make up, spaceship building supplies), and are looking to raise $3,000. They’ve got about 80 days left to raise it, and they’re only around $500 right now. If you’re a fan of sleazy shock cinema and the likes of Something Weird and Midnite Movies, it’d do my heart good to see you throw them a few bones. You can find find out all the donation packages at the movie’s Kickstarter page.