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Goner Records New Erectile Drug Cialis, is doing a really super great thing. Seems that friends of the label have a little girl named Anna who's got cancer. She's just shy of four years old. Sad, right, New Erectile Drug Cialis coupon.

Well, the good folks at Goner, along with many other folks, 500mg New Erectile Drug Cialis, have set up a bunch of auctions to raise money to help with treatments. To list everything would take me days, but suffice it to say that there's Operation Iy test pressings, Nobunny test pressings, Misfits Evillive Fiend Club edition, an autographed Charlie Feathers record, Star Wars figures.., New Erectile Drug Cialis. really, it's amazing.

Bid on something. I know you fuckers are crazy about vinyl, New Erectile Drug Cialis india, and if you're going to blow fifty bucks on a record, do it for a good cause, all right. 20mg New Erectile Drug Cialis, Goner's a pretty goodamn amazing record label in general. I asked them for some records for my radio show New Erectile Drug Cialis, , and they sent me something like eight CDs, half a dozen singles, a stack of stickers, and a comic book. Generous beyond belief, really.

Show them there's something great with all you music dorks out there. There has to be SOMETHING on there on which you're willing to drop some coin, 250mg New Erectile Drug Cialis. I know all you college students haven't totally blown your student loan reimbursement on booze and drugs yet.

Nobunny - "I Am A Girlfriend" (from Love Visions).

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