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poster-serpent-the-rainbowThe Serpent and the Rainbow Antibiotic Cipro Problems, is damned confusing. From the moment Bill Pullman's character Dennis Alan takes a draught of potion from a shaman, nothing is as it seems. Director Wes Craven takes the viewer on a journey where you're forced to decide whether what's happening is a drug-induced hallucination, or whether it's something else entirely.

Are there zombies. Antibiotic Cipro Problems us, Is it magic. Is he going crazy, or is he being attacked by voodoo priests who don't want him to know their secrets, Antibiotic Cipro Problems. It's difficult to know, but the further you get into the Serpent and the Rainbow, the more afraid you are for Alan and his safety.

As well you should. The scene where Alan is tortured ranks up there with anything Hostel has to offer, and rivals even the "Is it safe?" scene in Marathon Man, Antibiotic Cipro Problems overseas. If you've seen it, you know what I mean, and if you haven't, I'm not going to be the one to ruin the terrible surprise that awaits. Antibiotic Cipro Problems, Sadly, the movie isn't nearly as scary as the early moments would imply. As the film progresses, 500mg Antibiotic Cipro Problems, it becomes more like a supernatural thriller, and less like a psychedelic horror film. It's mostly jump scares, rather than any sense of actual fear. Why aren't you ever really afraid. The voice-over. When there's a voice-over, you know the narrator survives, Antibiotic Cipro Problems. Simple as that, Antibiotic Cipro Problems ebay.

Fuck the voice-over, though. Seriously. I can't watch this without imagining Pullman as Daryl Zero in Zero Effect. Voice-overs so very rarely work, Antibiotic Cipro Problems craiglist, and only ever come across as lazy story-telling. I know Craven's aiming for sort of a Haitian-based, voodoo detective noir, but it just seems cheesy. He did so much better with his early work, which makes this regrettable.


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