Halloween horror marathon: Nightmare In Wax

poster-nightmare-in-waxNightmare In Wax is, obviously, a House of Wax knock-off. A slightly better offering from the makers of Blood of Dracula’s Castle, it’s pretty much the sort of “groovy” horror film that one comes to expect from the late ’60s. Although lacking in the gore that you’d get from someone like Herschel Gordon Lewis, it’s not too shabby.

The women seem chosen for their busts and ability to scream, rather than acting chops, although they are remarkably talented in the former two. Cameron Mitchell’s makeup is terrible and looks like dried bread dough on his face, as well. The film sports a great theremin and harp score, which covers up for the fact that Nightmare In Wax moves fairly slowly. The pacing’s about what one expects for a ’60s b-movie. It could stand a few more shocks at the start, but once it starts going, it gets spooky, with the chase through the wax museum a legitimately nerve-wracking experience.

Watch the whole film on YouTube. The playlist’s embedded below.