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poster-hatchetHatchet is true to its tagline of "old school American horror." It stars such classic genre folks as Tony Todd (Candyman Clomid Requirements, , Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street), and Ken Hodder (Friday the 13th).

The film opens in an appropriately dark and scary Louisiana swamp in the middle of the night, and by the time ten minutes have passed, we've seen one man eviscerated, another dismembered, 10mg Clomid Requirements, and a metric ton of Mardi Gras bared breasts. Old school horror, indeed.

The movie is a splatter-fest extraordinaire. The deaths barely reach the double digits, but each and every death is colored red with blood, 30mg Clomid Requirements. The killings, despite being everything under the sun -- splitting a man with a hatchet, twisting someone's head a full 360 degrees, attack with a belt sander -- are handled in such an over-the-top, cartoon-y fashion that you're not left cowering on your couch, but cheering enthusiastically for Victor Crowley's next attack, Clomid Requirements.

Granted, Hatchet is nothing but a slasher film. It's a new slasher, and handled with aplomb and humor, 150mg Clomid Requirements, but Kane Hodder as Crowley is just Jason Voorhees in a swamp instead of Camp Crystal Lake, right down to the dead kid taking revenge years after his death. However, it's moved right along, building up tension and releasing it often, usually in the form of violence or a scream, 100mg Clomid Requirements.

Honestly, with the exception of the film's unfortunate cliffhanger ending, this is one of the more fun and enjoyable splatterfests of the last decade. That ending literally had me screaming, Clomid Requirements usa, "What the FUCK?!" at my television screen yesterday afternoon. The fact that the sequel got only a couple weeks in 68 theaters nationwide at the beginning of this month really doesn't help those of us who want to know what happens, either.


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