Halloween horror marathon: Bloody Pit of Horror

poster-bloody-pit-of-horrorThe offspring of heavy metal and MST3K re-runs, Incognito Cinema Warriors XP is one of the best things to find its way into my DVD player in ages. Thanks to a suggestion from my editor, I got in contact with Rikk Wolf, one of the creators and the show’s primary actor and did an interview for the Pitch back in March.

As prep for the interview, Rikk sent me a couple of episodes. One of them was the absolutely atrociously hilarious Bloody Pit of Horror. It’s an Italian movie from 1965, and features a series of Rube Goldberg-like killing devices, and Mickey Hargitay leaping around like an oiled-up, body-building Zorro with a thirst for blood.

The film is rife with killing and blood that looks suspiciously like red paint. Not a single death is believable, nor does any of them take place with anything less than absurd amounts of set-up. The giant poisonous spider is worth a look in and of itself, as it manages to make Saw‘s Jigsaw killer look to be the height of restraint.

The ladies in the film are scantily-clad, but if you’re watching this with a view to stroke material, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Despite the implied chance of curvacious nudie cuties prancing around a castle, you’d be better off ogling the ladies in the Sears catalog.

Bloody Pit of Horror is one of those terrible films that still manages to be enjoyable, even sans-riffage, which makes the ICWXP crew’s jibes and cutting quips all the funnier. For a movie to get riffed properly, it has to be somewhat watchable. A real groaner is so boring, you’re apt to find something else that’s legitimately entertaining.

Watch all of Bloody Pit of Horror below.

You can pre-order the first episode of IXCWXP‘s new season, “Victory Gardens / Wake Me Up Before You Decompose”” from the ICWXP store. It’s due out next Wednesday, October 26.