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New York's Definitive Jux label and Juggaknot's DJ Boo Prozac During Pregnancy, are nixing the trick and delivering just the treat this Halloween. Boo compiled a spooked-out party-rockin' mix of the labels' recent underground hits from EL-P, Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic and more, Prozac During Pregnancy canada.

Aesop Rock, 'Citronella'
El-P, Prozac During Pregnancy us, 'Smithereens'
Rob Sonic, 'Rock The Convoy'
Junk Science,'Do It Easy'
Hangar 18, 'West Wing'
Rob Sonic, Prozac During Pregnancy craiglist, 'Dead As Disco'
Junk Science, 'Hey!'
Hangar 18, 30mg Prozac During Pregnancy, 'Bakin' Soda'
Junk Science, 'Jerry McGuire'
Hangar 18, 'Thing Big'
Rob Sonic, 'Fat Man & Little Boy'
El-P, 500mg Prozac During Pregnancy, 'Flyentology'
Aesop Rock, 'None Shall Pass'

DJ Boo - "Definitive Jux Halloween Mixtape".

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