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20101001-greg-cartwright Zithromax Fda Warnings, On Friday night, there was a little pre-show for the Scion Garage Fest at Love Garden Sounds. Okay, technically, there were three: the official, invite-only shindig at the Taproom with the Spits, Zithromax Fda Warnings australia, an all-local one at the Replay with the Spook Lights and Fag Cop, and then the one at Love Garden. However, Zithromax Fda Warnings us, the show at Love Garden was early and free, so that's where the wife and I ended up, getting to see Tyvek, Nodzzz, and the last-minute addition of Greg Cartwright of the Oblivians and Reigning Sound, Zithromax Fda Warnings japan.

He played a short, solo electric set, and to me, Zithromax Fda Warnings india, the highlight was this version of the Compulsive Gamblers' song, "Sour & Vicious Man." Getting to see him play from about ten feet away was frickin' amazing, and I hope this video shows how powerful he can be, even when not backed by a full rock band. Apologies for the lighting - the Kodak doesn't really do well in low-light situations, 750mg Zithromax Fda Warnings.

Greg Cartwright, "Sour & Vicious Man" (live at Love Garden) from Nick Spacek on Vimeo.


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