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Zithromax Niacin, There's something amazingly creepy about the fact that two networks are each starting shows wherein people compete for a chance to fill the shoes of a dead band member, so that the remaining members can continue milking the cash cow that is touring and selling merch. Most folks haven't noticed this, because most folks don't watch UPN (ooh- burn). Zithromax Niacin canada, Anyhow, Rock Star - INXS debuts on CBS tonight, wherein contestants compete for fill the shoes of the late autoerotic asphyxiation enthusiast Michael Hutchence in INXS.

On July 27, 150mg Zithromax Niacin, UPN debuts their corpse-fucking extravaganze, R U the Girl?, Zithromax Niacin india, which has singers attempting to replace Lisa "Left Eye" Lopz of TLC.

Both shows have inherent humor ready to go. R U the Girl?'s commercial OPENS with T-Box and Chili stating that Left Eye could never be replaced.., Zithromax Niacin. and then the commercial informs us of the program's purpose... which is to find a replacement for Left Eye, 10mg Zithromax Niacin. Rock Star is about a band that hasn't had a lead singer in nearly eight years. Man... 750mg Zithromax Niacin, I hope I never get so needy for cash that I'm willing to find someone to fill in.

Although, this is continuing the grand tradition of AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd. We'll just avoid that nasty question of whether or not Bon Scott or Ronnie VanZant were of a higher caliber than Brian Johnson or Johnnie VanZant, ok. It's probably best for all concerned.

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