God Is An Astronaut, “Origins” LP

cover - god is an astronaut originsPost-rock is a love-it-or-leave-it prospect with me. Either I'm rapt with attention, headphones on, analyzing each and every detail, or it's background music which provides something pleasant to block out the noise coming past my desk. God Is An Astronaut's latest, Origins, doesn't always elicit the former response, but it mostly manages to avoid the latter. This seventh LP from the Irish post-rockers certainly manages to get that cinematic feel that so many other artists go for, evoking big-sky landscapes with lush, orchestrated pieces of music. At times, there are vocals on Origins, but might as well just be synthesizer effects by the point they're ran through a billion goddamn processors, as on "Calistoga" or "Reverse World." You're a millimeter away from being able to understand what's being sung, but constantly on the precipice of actually knowing it. The whole overall impression just makes God Is An Astronaut that much more hypnotic to listen to. [embed]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_gl-WNxS4Q[/embed] "Transmissions" is near to what I want more of from God Is An Astronaut. There's a beat that makes you want to nod your head, and the guitars build to something more than just spiraling drones. It's akin to what Mike Shinoda and Joseph Trapanese did for The Raid: Redemption, mixing elements of traditional film scores with electronic beats. Same goes for "Electric Dream," which certainly lives up to its name. It might as well be a reinterpreted Tangerine Dream outtake from Near Dark or Risky Business. The album really succeeds because of its sequencing. It starts out slow, building to a middle that fairly explodes with the combination of "Electric Dream" leading into "Signal Rays" (the second track fairly racing along), then taking things down to a sleepy "Autumn Song." Penultimate track "Red Moon Lagoon" has its menace alleviated by the closing triumphancy of "Light Years From Home." God Is An Astronaut's Origins is available on LP from the Rocket Girl store on limited edition vinyl with postcard and digital download code. The first 500 are pressed on colored wax.