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Cialis Attorney Columbus, You. You fuckers who (kinda / sorta) regularly read this blog.

Rarely do I ever issue edicts in the form of direct orders, but I would like to make one of those rare exceptions. 750mg Cialis Attorney Columbus, Kelly over at Love Garden gave me the hard sell on the Shitty Limits when I was in there earlier this week. The usual "this is right up your alley" speech you hear from your pusher record store guy.

Still, I get them home, throw 'em on the turntable, and "Espionage" comes blasting out of the speakers, Cialis Attorney Columbus. Blows my fucking mind. Seriously, that track sounds an awful lot like Mudhoney's "Touch Me I'm Sick." It's that same perfect mix of dirty garage and punk, 250mg Cialis Attorney Columbus. Seriously, this -fucking this right here - is what "garage punk" is all about. "Garage" modifies "punk, Cialis Attorney Columbus uk, " meaning that it's snotty punk with some garage fuzz, as opposed to the usual "garage rock with lo-fi production that Goner puts out."

Sorry State Records released the "Espionage" single, along with Here Are the Limits. Sorry State put out the Cross Laws' Ancient Rites, too - which is also a smashing slab of hardcore, Cialis Attorney Columbus australia. Shitty Limits've got a couple other singles out (some of which are out-of-print), as well as a forthcoming LP entitled Beware The Limits. The singles are pretty cheap to grab, 150mg Cialis Attorney Columbus, and ought to be harder to get your hands on than they are.

And even if you're too much of a cheap fuck to get the records (and you should, because they slay with great (somewhat intelligible) lyrics, guitar riffs that work their way into your brain like a tapeworm into your digestive tract, and a rhythm section that attacks your central nervous system), you can go to their MySpace page above and download 'em all for free.

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