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Mutant Pop Records Diflucan Usa, totally deserves your money. A couple weeks ago, I sent $12 for three records. Idiot me filled out the order form, 150mg Diflucan Usa, then let it sit for a week. I didn't bother to double-check the website before sending in the form and my check. It's old-school mail order - you print out a form, fill it out based on what he's got listed for sale, and mail in form and money, Diflucan Usa uk, hopefully marking some alternates.

Two records he didn't have in stock (the Ergs!'s Books About Miles Davis and Slow Gherkin's Death of A Salesman), so he sent me a credit slip for that amount, Diflucan Usa. I was able to get Kosher's Bored In America 7", which he did have in stock (if you're wanting some more Kosher, 1000mg Diflucan Usa, he has the Death to Drama CDEP as well).

In addition the amazingly hard to find 7" and my credit slip, I got four bucks cash, basically making that Kosher record free.

Customer service, Diflucan Usa india, to be sure. Tim's also remarkably communicative if you want to shoot him a message. Give him your money. 200mg Diflucan Usa, Along with Mike Park at Asian Man and Virgil of Suburban Home / Vinyl Collective, he's one of the people with whom I love having financial transactions.

the Ergs. - "Kind of Like Smitten" (from Jersey's Best Prancers)
Slow Gherkin - "Trapped Like Rats In Meyers Flats" (from Shed Some Skin)

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