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Vitiligo And Synthroid, Here's a new thing for those of you sick and tired of paying too much for new music. Hell, even if you're the sort of person who buys their discs used most of the time (like myself), this is too cheap to pass up.

It's called LaLa. And it works like this.., Vitiligo And Synthroid paypal.

You load up a list of CDs that you own but don't want anymore, then pick CDs from other people's listings that you do want. Once you're ready to send CDs to other LaLa users, LaLa sends you postage-paid mailers, which you fill and send off, Vitiligo And Synthroid. For CDs that you want, you receive the filled mailers from other members. Vitiligo And Synthroid us, You pay $1 plus $.49 shipping for CDs that you request, and nothing for those that you send away. The CDs are guaranteed by LaLa to be in good condition, and if they're not received that way, LaLa will credit your account and make finding you a good copy of the CD "a priority".

LaLa even sends $.20 to the "traded" artist, Vitiligo And Synthroid coupon, voluntarily. Vitiligo And Synthroid, $1.49 gets you a legal CD, bought and paid for. There are zillions already in the database, and the site is still only in beta.

It's a bit like the Netflix equivalent of a used record shop. 150mg Vitiligo And Synthroid, And if you sign up now and register your credit card. A free t-shirt. Swank.

Mu330 - "La"

The above mp3 could've been Ashlee Simpson's "La La", but I couldn't find a version to link to, didn't want to waste my server space hosting it, 1000mg Vitiligo And Synthroid, nor did I think anyone would find it very funny. I also hate the fact that she uses "la la" as a pointless euphemism for "fuck you", as in "You make me wanna la la in the kitchen on the floor.".

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