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Sanofi Acomplia, Anymore, it's getting harder and harder to work up the energy to go out. I enjoy hitting the shops and shooting the shit when I go look at comics and books and records, but when it comes to shows, I just have a hard time working up the energy. My friend Rodney put it pretty well in his last post when he said it sucks being an adult. I do hate being an adult, 30mg Sanofi Acomplia, but the fact of the matter is that I've had a pretty good life thus far, and much as I hate to admit it, I'm fucking jaded.

It's really goddamn hard for anything to affect me worth a damn. I've seen some great shows, and what made a lot of those shows great was that it was all new, Sanofi Acomplia. I've seen a lot of shows. not as many as some folks I know, but more than most, 200mg Sanofi Acomplia. Giving up my couch and pajamas to trek to another town means that I'm really hoping for a great show. Something mindblowing. Sanofi Acomplia, And, really - the chances of me seeing something fresh and exciting get less and less as time goes by.

The only reasons I'm even going to see Ultimate Fakebook at the Uptowntonight are A) I'm on the list for press, and get to shoot photos (which I never did back when they were around originally, mainly because it's hard to double-fist Pabst when you're also holding a camera) and B) they're promising a fucking rock show, Sanofi Acomplia mexico, the kind they always wanted to do, but never had the stage for. There's a part of me that remembers them playing the Klammies years back and what they were able to do then as just a three piece and time enough for three songs, and just fucking knows that this might be the show to get me jazzed about live music again.

SXSW came close to doing it last year, but it was fucking overload. The sheer number of fantastically great shows going on simultaneously ruins anyone for just going out, 100mg Sanofi Acomplia. If a band sucked, or you were bored, there were another dozen shows that were better going on right then, Sanofi Acomplia. Coming back to Lawrence and having one option that may or may not have been worth the five dollar cover at the Jackpot sorta lacked any appeal.

The irony here is that I'm hoping to make myself excited about music by seeing a band I've probably seen three or four dozen times. They say familiarity breeds contempt, but in this case, it's more the promise of something old done in a way that I've never seen it before. Sanofi Acomplia paypal, Sort of like cover songs, y'know. I've heard classic rock tunes a billion times, and Foreigner really doesn't do anything for me anymore (if they ever did), but hearing Lou Barlow do "Cold As Ice" made me love that song. Maybe seeing a big-ass flashing rock sign and a shitload of lights and smoke pot while singing along to songs I know by heart will bring something back.

Ultimate Fakebook - "She Don't Even Know My Name" (from This Will Be Laughing Week).

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