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Straight from the mouth of Tim Nord himself...

"Main Street Saints/Antagonizers split is out!.
Body: Hell I didn't even know about this but I guess the Main Street Saints swan song recording has finally seen the light of day. Dare i say our best material.

How did i find out. Saint Jason bought one at the store."

The Main Street Saints were Kansas City's premiere oi / streetpunk outfit for most of the mid-to-late '90s, Retin A Lawsuits. 50mg Retin A Lawsuits, They played straight-ahead skinhead music, with a touch of Kansas City blues and country twang to enliven and mix things up a bit. I saw them five or six times from '97 to '99, and then they kinda faded away. That sucks, because as enjoyable as their recordings were, 500mg Retin A Lawsuits, it was the live show that really kicked ass.

The Main Street Saints' recorded output was scattered, but impressive. Retin A Lawsuits, They put out three 7"s (two self-released, one released through Flat Records, and one on Haunted Town), as well as appearing on the Streetpunk '99 comp from DSS Records and the Oi/Oi AC/DC tribute on Flat. The Saints' final release was Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven But Nobody Wants to Die on GMM Records. Retin A Lawsuits coupon, The Streetpunk '99 comp was an outgrowth of the first MidWest Oi. Fest that Nord had sponsored as a way to get a good oi show in the Kansas City area. It was advertised heavily in his print 'zine, American Upstart, and the turnout was huge. The Saints even managed to get Scottie Lyons of Pist 'n' Broke out of retirement to play a few songs with them, Retin A Lawsuits.

The fest never really got past that huge first year, 250mg Retin A Lawsuits, and neither did the Saints. Their cd came out on GMM in the late summer / early fall of '99, and the band wasn't able to tour on it, since half of them had families or other commitments, 100mg Retin A Lawsuits, and everything just seemed to fizzle out.

Tim now fronts the Shotgun Idols, and I have no idea about what the rest of the band is doing. It's sad, but at least their last material has now been released. It's out on Street Anthem Records, although their site doesn't have the ability to order it yet.

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