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cover-gentleman-jesse-leaving-atlanta Erythromycin Pills, Ohmyfuckinggodfinally. Seriously. While we're not often prone to absurd hyperbole here at Rock Star Journalist, it seems like it's been forever and a day since they mentioned that there'd be a sophomore release from Gentleman Jesse, Erythromycin Pills mexico.

The "She's A Trap" and "You've Got the Wrong Man" singles were released on Douchemaster and Hozac, respectively, Erythromycin Pills india, at the end of 2010. So, while not officially forever, it's been damn near a year and half since the sophomore release from the former Carbonas bassist was first mentioned, Erythromycin Pills usa. However, Leaving Atlanta sees release from Douchemaster next Tuesday. 250mg Erythromycin Pills, While all the split green and white LPs are sold right the fuck out (limited to 100), you can still snag a copy on good old fashioned black from DMR's site.

MP3: Gentleman Jesse, "Eat Me Alive", Erythromycin Pills coupon.

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