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The Gaslight Anthm – "The '59 Sound"
(SideOne Dummy)
Retinol And Retin A, Fine, fine, fine. Okay, I fuckin' give in. Retinol And Retin A usa, I wanted to despise the Gaslight Anthem for all the little things they have going for them: the scenester love, the Billboard debut at #73, the frequent comparisons to fellow Garden State resident Bruce Springsteen... all of this is stuff that is a bit too much, Retinol And Retin A us. It's the case of overexposure, and ultra hype. However, despite all the hype, despite all the praise, despite the Springsteen comparisons, the Gaslight Anthem are a damn catchy, amazingly talented group of guys, Retinol And Retin A. 1000mg Retinol And Retin A, They're a bit limited in terms of sound – the cliché of the album opening with a needle dropping onto a record is a bit of a tip-off regarding the throwback style at work here. The band goes back pre-'77 to work a sound that's really not punk at all. It's rock 'n' roll, but old-school, 500mg Retinol And Retin A. It's pretty cool to see a band rocking a sound that's not aping the usual Chuck Berry riffs. Tracks like "Film Noir" break up the laconic feel of the album (typified by the title track) and keep it interesting. 20mg Retinol And Retin A, The '59 Sound is going to be one of this year's sleeper albums, and there will probably end up being some sort of crossover hit that rockets them into Jimmy Eat World status.

"The '59 Sound" (from The '59 Sound).

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