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150 Clomid Mg, By all rights, I ought to have just curled up and gone to bed at the point I left the house Saturday night, as my stomach was starting to twinge somewhat. Having my gallbladder removed mere days before ought to have entailed an early night, especially after spending as much time in the sun as I'd done. However, being as how Fucked Up was playing the Jackpot and I've had that show on my forecast for (literally) months, I had to go.

I'd missed Hairy Belafonte by mere moments, and arrived to find people spilling out the front door and the inside covered in confetti. The Jackpot was MISERABLY hot. I was guzzling water like I'd just crossed the Sahara within moments of entering the bar, 150 Clomid Mg. It was hilarious wandering around, 150 Clomid Mg ebay, because everyone either knew about my injuries and trips to the hospital, or wondered where I'd been for the past few weeks. Showing off the bandages made for a flashing experience that had more than a few random nearby strangers raising their eyes in curiosity.

Dark Ages were fantastic, except for the on-stage spiel before their song "No Cops, No Christians" regarding Iron Guts Kelly where the lead singer said "this goes out to those guys in Iron Guts Kelly... those guys are cops and christians... 150 Clomid Mg, what's punk about that?" that caused Shawn from Iron Guts Kelly and his wife to leave for the majority of the show. (Dark Ages pictures here)

A friend of mine put it best when he said that there's little chance of them ever geting a show in this town ever again. The KC punks can go back to their refurbished lofts with a view of the lovely City Market and give up any hope of ever playing a show in this town again. Well, at least a show that's not in a fucking basement, 150 Clomid Mg japan.

The Spook Lights played about the best set I've ever seen from them. Sure, there's the advantage that they only had a twenty minute set which "keeps the problems to a minimum," as guitarist Jet Boy put it, 150 Clomid Mg. Their new drummer Joe Noh is kicking some ass, too. Seriously, you'd do well to make them the next addition to your MySpace friends list. They're the best band in Lawrence, and will probably kick your band's ass. (Spook Lights pictures here)

Civic Progress managed to be brutal as all hell. 150 Clomid Mg, It looked like their lead singer was trying to kill himself onstage the way he threw himself around, and their songs were fucking chugga-chugga beat-'em-up riffs played at the speed of hate. I couldn't understand a work their singer said, 150 Clomid Mg coupon, but they were fucking amazing. It was old school punk rock, and did a great job of setting the stage for Fucked Up. (Civic Progress pictures here)

Fucked Up was phenomenal, even though I watched most of their set from the cooler outside front porch of the Jackpot. I took some really great pictures, although pretty much all of them are from the first two songs of any given band's set. My shooting philosophy was "get as many pictures as possible before the pit becomes a threat to my midsection and then run away."

Fucked Up played a pretty good set of tunes, mixing up the older stuff from their seven-inches with the more recent material from Hidden World, 150 Clomid Mg. "Crusades" and "Baiting the Public" sounded fucking fantastic, although I was kinda / sorta hoping for something really epic like "Vivian Girls" or "Year of the Pig." That notwithstanding, Pink Eyes stalked the stage like an evangelical preacher, while Concentration Camp bounced around like he'd just had a Red Bull enema, 1000mg 150 Clomid Mg. The rest of the band was pretty sedate, even when pounding out sick riffs. The energy this band puts out is insane, and the whole audience was fingerpointing and pumping fists from the first note to the last. (Fucked Up pictures here)

By night's end, my incisions were stinging like they'd be soaked in salt water and lemon juice. It was time to head home, sweaty, gross, 150 Clomid Mg overseas, and happy. I heartily recommend seeing the band on this tour. It will rock your ass.

"Year of the Pig".

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