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Zithromax Dose Cats, So, since the last thing I posted about ended with a link to Quote Unquote Records and the scads upon scads of free Bomb the Music Industry! albums they have (although you are more than welcome to make a donation you feel reasonable, as well), I figured it wouldn't hurt to do another edition of Friday Freebies. So what if it's not Friday. I'm home sick from work today, and I might as well get something accomplished other than working through the first season of NCIS on DVD.

First up, Toronto hardcore act Fucked Up posted links to both of their mixtapes right here. Zithromax Dose Cats japan, The links are Sendspace, so act fast before they get overloaded. The first one's gone forever, but you can get the second one for four bucks from Deranged Records at the link right here, Zithromax Dose Cats.

Deathwish Records offers up a full-length live recording from Converge. Recorded in Minneapolis at the legendary Triple Rock Social Club on 09.21.05. The entire set radiates with the cathartic energy and chaos the band is known for. Songs from the You Fail Me era of the band are performed, as well as some classic early Converge material, Zithromax Dose Cats india. Zithromax Dose Cats, This bootleg was circulating for a bit with an improper track listing, so consider this the definitive version. They're also offering another live album from Blacklisted, performing a fantastic live set on WERS Radio in 2006.

New Zealand punk / psychobilly act Horror Story offer up their 2001 demo, Monsterpiece here. Grab it while you can, Zithromax Dose Cats canada, as it looks like the website where it's hosted will be gone in a couple of weeks.

Ryan's Hope have a free five-song EP for you to download. It's entitled Chaos EP, Zithromax Dose Cats. The band's last album, Apocalypse In Increments was released in 2006 on Punknew Records.

And soon... SOON, I say.., 250mg Zithromax Dose Cats. I'll be posting up Kosher's 1999 release, the Bored In America 7" EP on Skull Duggery Records. I "borrowed" the record from the radio station and copied it off, and I'll be making it available for you all to get a listen some time in the next week or so. In the meantime, 100mg Zithromax Dose Cats, there's a link to the Self Control version of the EP's title track below, and pictures from their reunion show last month right here, with even more new pictures over at Rock Star Photography.

Kosher - "Bored In America".

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