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Slovenly Recordings Retin A For Scars, has put out a slew of fantastic releases in the last few months, and as they've piled up on the desk down here in the basement, it seemed like a great idea to compile them all into one handy-dandy guide. Let's explore, shall we.

cover-jc-satanJ.C. Satan's Death Hell Samba is a dark, fuzzy, unnerving little record. It's certainly the sort of album best-suited for late night spins after too many shots. Frankly, I've never been so thankful to have a head of shaggy hair as I am when new records show up from Slovenly, Retin A For Scars. There's something inherently wonderful about being able to shake your head around to this music, feeling your hair fly in the air. 500mg Retin A For Scars, If you're like me, you'll feel like it's not possible to play this album loud enough. Death Hell Samba simply needs more and more volume to get the full effect contained within. You'll tap your feet to the sinewy, serpentine guitars notes and tapping high hat of "Crystal Snake," only to break out in uncontrollable bodily movement during the explosions of guitar power. Retin A For Scars, The album balances its freakouts with plenty of slow, moody pieces, like "The Rhythm of Sex," which - true to its name - makes it uncomfortably tight in my bathing suit area.

cover-acid-baby-jesusNot so thrilling was Acid Baby Jesus' LP. I'd had high hopes for the full-length after their Hospitals single, but these Greek psych-rockers manage to make distorted garage sound clean on this release, Retin A For Scars paypal. It sounds like they just recorded this album completely straight, then passed it through a distortion pedal, Retin A For Scars. I'd really have preferred to hear everything unaltered, rather than the muddy affair presented here. I mean, what I can hear through the effects sounds wonderfully catchy and well-done, from the stomping album opener "Tomboy" to "Tyrannosaurus Rex" and its fluid swirls of guitar, but the layers of effects serve to do nothing but obscure the quality music within. I understand the studio-as-instrument concept as well as anybody else, but the simple pop of "Tooth To Toe" is barely touched by studio trickery, and stands out as a crystal-clear gem among the remaining detritus of LP. 150mg Retin A For Scars,

cover-apple-brainsThen, of course, there's the blood-simple, untouched-by-anything Get Fruity!! from Apple Brains. Retin A For Scars, As straightforward as anything can be, this children's album features clear-as-a-bell singalongs for your kids. It's a little repetitive, but - as anyone who's ever watched Yo Gabba Gabba can attest - it's the repetition that keeps the littl'uns engaged. Per the stage name taken by Allen Bleyle, Apple Brains has a focus on fruits and veggies, and how inherently awesome they are. Case in point: "Tomatoes Are So Wonderful They Make Me Want to Cry" and the superbly addictive "Ba-Na-Nas." In addition to the kid-friendly jammy-jams, the CD comes with a set of stickers, 20mg Retin A For Scars, the better to decorate your kid's reusuable lunchbox that you fill with tasty organic treats (I"m assuming nine out of ten parents who own this shop at Whole Foods). Your kids will lov this, and you might find yourself cranking it when they're at preschool, yourself.

cover-magnetixLastly, we've got the French duo Magnetix, with their Drogue Electrique full-length, Retin A For Scars. It's no secret I am an absolute sucker for French garage (see also: Les Breastfeeders) and most French music that is either from or recalls the '60s. Something about the lyrical delivery inherent in most French music that gives it a sexy edge lacking in most other rock 'n' roll. Magnetix adds in electronic keyboards, rather than the garage-standard Hammond or Farfisa, pushing the sound into reto-futurism. Retin A For Scars usa, The bleeps and chirps offered up in the album's opening title track and its follow-up, "Green Light," don't continue as deeply into the rest of the album as I'd like, but Drogue Electrique is still a great recording and, paired with Death Hell Samba, could easily make for a quality hour of post-bar comedown drinking and dancing with your nearest and dearest.


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