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aprsaydotmSam from Traffic Street Records Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide, has a whole slew of records now available for pre-order. They'll ship out either in the last two weeks of April or the first week of May (depending on which records you have in your order) but you can find all the specific dates over at the website or myspace. All the pressing info is also over there (well, on the website - not the MySpace).

Here's what he gots a-comin'...

Andrew Jackson Jihad / Apocalypse Meow - Pug Life split 7"
Rumspringer - 10" EP
Turkish Techno / Troublemake - Split 7"
Dangerous Intersections III 7" (feat. The Closet Fairies, Apocalypse Meow, The Dopamines, and Todd Congelliere)
Rumspringer / Sleep Like a Log - Split 7"
Dangerous Intersections IV 7" (feat, Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide. Strait A's, Like Bats, Rumspringer, and Barrakuda McMurder)

You can pre-order 'em individually or get 'em in a package deal where you get all of them plus a Rumspringer t-shirt and a whole mess of release-specific posters, 50mg Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide, stickers, and buttons - and it's only $35.

Five 7-inches, a 10-inch, a t-shirt, and a bunch of other crap for $35. what a steal. ;) I know for a fact that includes a couple patches and stuff, as well as seven chances to win a test press of one of these records; AND all of your records will come on the most limited color variant available at the time your order is placed. Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide, Nice, yes.

Sam also says:

"oh, and i know some of these band names probably aren't registering, 750mg Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide, but chances are you know people involved with just about all of 'em. i won't ruin the surprise and say who's in what, but collectively, these bands feature members of The Steinways, Toys That Kill, Off With Their Heads, Atmosphere, Witches With Dicks, The God Damn Doo Wop Band, Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide craiglist, Rational Anthem, and Streetside Prophet!

Seriously - this is the best label you've never heard of, putting out great, under-the-radar punk stuff. You'll have more obscure shit than the kid who orders everything from 1-2-3-4 Go! or Don Giovanni, and it'll be damn good. Seriously, the Dangerous Intersection four-way splits are just about the best way to find out a bunch of new bands in a hurry, and also seriously cheap: under four bucks. That's as good as iTunes, and you get a record, Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide. It'll come with a download code, too, 250mg Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide, so it's better than iTunes, son.

The following mp3 isn't from the AJJ / Apocalypse Meow split entitled Pug Life, but in fact is from Andrew Jackson Jihad's forthcoming second full-length on Asian Man, which will be entitled Candy Cigarettes, Cap Guns, Issue Problems. and Such. They rule, Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide japan, and, as such, you should download this auditory slice of goodness.


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