Diflucan With Aclohol

Seems that the blogosphere is all a-twitter that Coachella Diflucan With Aclohol, announced its line-up for this year.

Personally, while I find it fascinating, I could care less. Why do so many folks care about festivals. Far away festivals, Diflucan With Aclohol coupon. Festivals that cost an arm and a leg, not including airfare and a place to stay. Sure, you could camp and hang out with the hippies at Bonnaroo or Wakarusa, but then you're at the mercy of the elements and people who will steal your stuff, Diflucan With Aclohol.

Where do people find the money for this. Seriously... 500mg Diflucan With Aclohol, I can't afford to buy tickets to see Less Than Jake until the fucking DAY OF, much less the money required for an all-weekend festival halfway across the country. Nor do I have the ability to take four or five days off work and not miss the lost income (to say nothing of the expenditure involved in just going to the show).

Maybe it's 'cause I hate Diflucan With Aclohol, all-day festivals so much that I can't comprehend two days' worth in a strange location. Heat, short sets, and far too many people for my liking do not make for a fun show-going experience, Diflucan With Aclohol paypal. Trust me... I've been to a Lollapalooza, a HORDE Festical, six Warped Tours, Diflucan With Aclohol japan, a Rockfest and a Tattoo the Earth. Even when they were free, it sucked.

This may just be a complete and utter backlash against working too much and my wife having troubles at her job, but I feel nothing but contempt for those of you who can take off for an entire weekend of music in the sun and not even think twice of it. I am full of jealousy and hatred, Diflucan With Aclohol us.

Go-Gos - "Vacation".

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