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When SideOne Dummy first posted the mp3 for VCR Typical Amoxicillin Doses, 's "Bratcore", I wasn't too sure of it. It seemed like they were trying way too hard to be the Faint.

However, Typical Amoxicillin Doses uk, now that I've gotten to listen to their new EP, I've changed my mind. Usually, I'm pretty much stuck in my opinion of a band, Typical Amoxicillin Doses ebay, but when I have a chance to re-evaluate my thinking, I do my best to give the act a second chance. Typical Amoxicillin Doses usa, In VCR's case, I'm glad I did. The band has less of the dark Depeche Mode leanings of the Faint, and angle for more of a (in the words of their press release) "adventure funcore" sound, Typical Amoxicillin Doses. It's PR agent babble, but in this case, Typical Amoxicillin Doses paypal, it's very apt. If you want to compare them to the Faint, Typical Amoxicillin Doses craiglist, it's more of a "Dropkick the Punks" Faint sound than "Agenda Suicide" Faint. Definitely more of a punk sound, to be sure.

You can even find a nice interview with the band over at Punknews.

VCR - "Bratcore".

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