Download the Young Leaves’ new single for free

cover-young-leaves-aliveWhile I’m only familiar with the Young Leaves because of their Art of the Underground single series release, their music is pretty much instantly recognizable. Like fellow Massachusetts trio Dinosaur Jr., there’s a drawling sneer to their songs that seems uncommonly suited for the powerful rock ‘n’ roll being purveyed.

However, where J Mascis and company work with big guitar, the Young Leaves are powered by strong basslines. “The Love Song” is streaked with fuzz and thud, and the drop D tuning at the start of “Alive and Well” gives you the fear that shit’s going to go grunge, but both tracks are amazingly tuneful and poppy. It’s date night music for people who might otherwise have destroyed their hearing at a metal show.

This is the first single in a set of six, according to artist Tom Lowell‘s Tumblr: “I guess there are gonna be six of these so I have a story planned.” Given the monsters and Homecoming poster, I’m certainly excited.

The Young Leaves will have a new album out sometime next year.