Retin-a And Cystic Acne

cover-geg-sal-splitMargin Mouth Retin-a And Cystic Acne, , a record label out of Los Anegeles, has posted a free download of GEG Era One, which is each and every release from God Equals Genocide. You can get those 7-inches here. 200mg Retin-a And Cystic Acne, From the label:

Of course with the 2 splits, only the GEG songs are available. And also these tracks are unmastered, Retin-a And Cystic Acne australia. If you feel even the slightest bit of guilt, 750mg Retin-a And Cystic Acne, feel free to paypal some change to, write a nice note, or buy the goddamn records, 250mg Retin-a And Cystic Acne. Thanks.

If you've never heard the California punk trio, you really ought to, Retin-a And Cystic Acne. Their low budget recordings have a tendency to sound like they were all recorded in one take. 1000mg Retin-a And Cystic Acne, This means God Equals Genocide's songs are rough and tumble, but with a certain charm.

You can purchase the physical records in the Margin Mouth store (except The World Is Wearing Me Down), which gets you the No People and Shang-A-Lang tracks, too. It'll run you $16 PPD.

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