Download Colossal Yes/the Good Fear split 7-inch

cover-colossal-yes-good-fear-splitAs sort of a make-up present for ignoring you the past week (sorry, baby – I’ve been busy at work), we’ve got a free download of the split release from Colossal Yes and the Good Fear.

This split 7-inch is from Gold Robot Records, and is the first entry in their split single series. It came out back in July, and it’s a limited pressing of 500 on opaque gray vinyl.

The songs are pretty good, too. Colossal Yes has a pretty laid-back indie number with “Backbiter Blues.” It’s melodic, with some lovely piano and sax work that gives the whole piece a nice lounge feel. The Good Fear’s “Be Like Us” is a mirror image, using organ instead of piano, and gets a little downbeat and dirge-like, but halfway through gets all epic. And, yes, you can still buy a copy from the label. Check it out in their shop, where you can grab it for $5.

MP3: Colossal Yes, “Backbiter Blues”
MP3: the Good Fear, “Be Like Us”