Download a Halloween storybook from the Spits

cover-spits-bookRemember those little Golden Book singles that came with storybooks? You’d get a 33 rpm single that told the story in the book. You’d read along, and turn the pages whenever the record made a little “ding!” There were Disney ones that you can find for a quarter or so at most thrift stores, as well as everything else under the sun. I’ve got an Alice In Wonderland one sitting right on top of one of my speakers at this very moment.

They had these CDs in the gift bags that were being handed out at the Scion Garage Fest earlier this month. The Spits do their own version of one of those old picture book records, called Haunted Fang Castle. It even comes complete with its own illustrated story booklet. You can hit the link below and download the whole thing, just in time for Halloween.

Download the Spits’ Haunted Fang Castle