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Cipro More Effective Than Avelox, Anyone else getting tired of hearing about the "vinyl resurgence". We've got articles about record stores going under in the New York Times, Wired's story about vinyl making a comeback, and even NPR getting in on everything with their story. The most ridiculous is Utne's recent bit about Wax Poetics, in that it's a magazine article about a magazine about record collecting, 100mg Cipro More Effective Than Avelox, which is a little too meta for my tastes.

Frankly, I don't like reading about record collecting. I collect records, and like to find out what's out, where I can get it, and the usual obsessive collector details like pressing runs and color distribution, Cipro More Effective Than Avelox japan. Stories about how it's easier to get records, and how more people are buying records follow a pretty set format:

"Vinyl was once thought to be dead, but never seemed to really go away."
*Insert bit about indie / punk labels*
"CDs are so impersonal blah blah blah, Cipro More Effective Than Avelox. Vinyl is warmer. You have to get up and actually put the needle on the record blah blah blah."
*Insert bit about vinyl sales being up*
"I'm an indie rock musician from some band that's got name recognition among the liberal NPR-listening / Utne-reading public, and this is what I think about records and why they're so neat."
*If a radio story, end with some song that has cracks and pops*
*If a magazine article, end with a quote about some record store*

Boring boring boring. Cipro More Effective Than Avelox usa, Then again, your average one-record-a-month music fan probably couldn't give two shits about the news from the Vinyl Collective or the incredibly detailed minutiae of pressing info over at Seven Ten Twelve. I'm a tofu and hummus eating, recycling and gardening, two cat and two kid having, farmer's market shopping, college radio DJ'ing guy who lives in a college town with easy access to the newest vinyl releases, 30mg Cipro More Effective Than Avelox, to say nothing of the ability to dig for old obscure shit in antique malls and thrift stores. Your average person who gets cds at Borders or Barnes & Noble or Best Buy isn't going to be aware of any of this.

However, being as how the story has been made known through every media outlet possible, let's let it die before I see Oprah or Rachael Ray showing some soccer moms how easy it is to play a record, Cipro More Effective Than Avelox craiglist, or Martha Stewart giving a demonstration on making a tasteful hand-screened turntable slipmat that matches your living room decor.

the Bouncing Souls - "That Song" (really, it's relevant, I swear).

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