Do you guys like coffee?

The stars of the new [adult swim] show Metalocalypse might not be a real band, but Dethklok is one of the best metal acts playing today. And they’re animated.

Kind of a cross between Spinal Tap, Iron Maiden videos, and those weird Swedish metal bands where they kill each other, Metalocalypse chronicles Dethklok’s (mis)adventures in a way that seems a bit too much like a documentary. They even have a fucking MySpace page.

But the songs are amazingly hilarious, especially the recent “Dethday” episode’s birthday song, which has now supplanted the Vandals‘ “Happy Birthday to Me” as my favorite birthday song. The fact that the first episode revolved around a coffee jingle and the band’s attempts to cook following the unfortunate death of their chef is perfect fodder for humor. The fact that the jingle which the band recorded does not label them as sell-outs, since it was in an effort to make “COFFEE METAL!” (said lead singer Nathan Explosion) is just the fucking icing on the cake.

Dethklok – “Duncan Hills coffee jingle