Disappears on Live From Studio 10

disappears lollapalooza
We went to Chicago last weekend for C2E2, and as I do in every city we visit, I hit up a bunch of record stores. And as I do every time I visit a record store in a different city, I asked for the hook-up on the best band I’ve probably not heard of back home. The dude at Reckless in Wicker Park suggested Disappears, saying that they were “probably the best live band in Chicago right now.”

I’m currently spinning their first LP, Lux (out on Kranky), and it’s stellar. Krautrocky, post-punk space jams (hell, the cover even looks like a Neu! album) that are really perfect for the sudden cold snap Lawrence is currently experiencing. They played live on Chicago’s Vocalo Radio last month, and you can stream it below. They play some new songs — although, having only heard them for the first time on Monday, they’re all new to me. Thanks again to the gent at Reckless. I wish I’d gotten your name, because you need better props than I’m offering.