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cover-dirty-tacticsA copy of It Is What It Is Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin, , the new album from Philadelphia's Dirty Tactics showed up in my mailbox a few weeks ago, and it kind of got set aside in favor of the new Gatorface album, which had come in the same package.

That might have been a bit of a mistake. As much as I like that Gatorface record (Wasted Monuments, out now on No Idea), 10mg Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin, It Is What It Is is so much more a summer album. While structurally kind of weird - sounding more like a label comp of like-minded bands than a cohesive, 30mg Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin, coherent release from one act - the mix of Killers sing-along choruses, Drive Like Jehu / Hot Snakes style garage guitar, and pop-punk's sense of fun make this an exuberant record.

The album's second track, 100mg Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin, "Baltimore," is exactly the sort of song that I would expect to blow up modern rock radio this summer. 200mg Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin, It's catchy as all hell, with a powerful chorus. It's a song of longing and wanting to be somewhere else, but stuck in a job you have to do because you need the money - something to which everyone who's spent a summer apart from their honey can relate, Lyme Disease Treatment Erythromycin usa.

It Is What It Is is out now on Say-10 Records.

MP3: Dirty Tactics, "Baltimore".

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