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cover-domesplitter Prozac And Adderall, Direct Hit.
(Kind Of Like Records)

Here and there, I've been hearing about Direct Hit!. They're a pop-punk band on a small label, meaning somebody in the group posts to the Pop Punk Bored, but as with most acts that only release stuff digitally, I found it hard to get excited. Occasionally, a band like Mixtapes or somebody will manage to intrigue me enough to download, 1000mg Prozac And Adderall, unzip, and load into iTunes, but most bands get passed by. However, because of Mixtapes, I finally heard Direct Hit!, since both bands' first physical release was a split 7" on Kind Of Like Records. I was more impressed by Mixtapes' songs, but Direct Hit, Prozac And Adderall. Prozac And Adderall overseas, managed to interest me enough to keep an ear out.

Well, here we are with their debut LP, Domesplitter, and it's not exactly all-new material, but it's not a compilation, either. If you've been a long-time fan of the band, you've already heard all of these songs on past digital releases, 750mg Prozac And Adderall. However, all of these tunes have been beefed up, re-recorded, and even in digital promo form, bust out of my speakers. Prozac And Adderall, The band's pop-punk is faster than most, and the vocals aren't so much sang as shouted in chorus by everyone near a microphone. It's a wall of sound not unlike seeing a band play about ten inches from your face - so much so, in fact, 50mg Prozac And Adderall, that I keep expecting to have to wipe saliva off my glasses in between songs. The keyboard adds a lot to the songs, as well. It's difficult to pinpoint where it is in each song, but it rounds out Direct Hit!'s music, giving Domesplitter something more than just verse-chorus-verse punk rock.

If you pre-order from Kind Of Like's webstore, you can get part of the first pressing of 250 black or 250 red/white marble (also known as "meat-colored"), along with a t-shirt, Prozac And Adderall uk.


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