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Punk legends the Sex Pistols have been announced as the latest band to play Live 8 Corte Tetracycline, , which is taking place in London, Paris, Berlin, Philadelphia, and Rome on July 2.

There's a quote in the article from an "insider" stating that "No one ever thought they would see the day that Sex Pistols would reform." What?!?. Does nobody remember the Filthy Lucre tour and attendant album in '96. This isn't the first time the band has reformed.., Corte Tetracycline australia. and I'm not certain that the Sex Pistols boys are doing this just for the starving people of Africa.

Like the fact that the band made a shitload of money on their previous reunion tour, the band stands to profit handsomely from their Live 8 appearance, Corte Tetracycline. I mean, 250mg Corte Tetracycline, I know they're not making any money from the actual concert. However... the Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle came out on dvd last month. I wouldn't be surprised if sales got a little bump from the band playing live for the first time in nearly ten years, 10mg Corte Tetracycline. Corte Tetracycline, Yeah... so I'm a pessimist. "God forbid anyone do anything for good, Corte Tetracycline mexico, Nick." No shit. Johnny Rotten has never been one to equivocate. And being as how it took him a little while to agree after the rest of the band agreed, I'm willing to bet that the possible jump in dvd sales was enough to push him over the fence, 500mg Corte Tetracycline.

the Sex Pistols - "Anarchy in the UK"
the Sex Pistols - "God Save the Queen"

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