Dead Broke to reissue the Criminals’ “Never Been Caught”

cover-criminals-never-been-caught“Peek-a-boo, you’re dooooooooooooooooomed!”

One of the snottiest records this side of the Dead Boys, the CriminalsNever Been Caught was released by Lookout back in 1997. While never quite reaching the heights of popularity seen by other acts of the label, Jesse Luscious and company knew how to play rock ‘n’ roll, and despite the slurred snarl of the vocals, it was remarkably catchy. Criminals songs were the sort of things you’d hear once and have stuck in your head for days, despite sounding like the soundtrack to a back-alley brawl.

Now, while you can pretty easily snag a copy of this online, it’ll be nice to see this get the reissue treatment when Dead Broke puts this out later this fall (with download). They’re promising it in time for the FEST, and hey — wouldn’t you know it? — that’ll make it a fifteenth anniversary repress, to boot. The band’s been playing reunion shows here and there, so check out their Facebook page to see when they’re playing next.

While you’re at it, snag Burning Flesh and Broken Fingers, their other LP, released a couple years later on Adeline. And their self-titled 10-inch on Recess, which features some prototype versions of songs that would later be on , as well as the best cover of the Saints’ “Private Affair” ever.

Fuck it. Just get the discography, and check out footage of “Zarah’s Got a Brand New Bag” from their reunion show last month.